Fixing these two mistakes will allow you to STOP being the cause of your employee’s lost productivity!

You may not realize it, but your employees think about their paychecks every single day.  While that pay is just a line-item on your budget, for them it is their lifeline.  It is food on their table, it is a roof over their head.  When they don’t have the benefits in place they need to protect their income in the event of a catastrophic emergency the blame is on you if you’re not offering a solid supplemental insurance plan.


According to 2014 Aflac work Forces Report, 41% of employees when asked what their employers can do to keep them said “improve my benefits.”  The two common mistakes employers make, is 78% spend 60 minutes or less preparing and seeking benefits.   The second mistake is 90% of employers keep the same benefits year after year, that’s SCARY! 

When asked how influential an overall benefit package is in the decision to leave a current employer 78% said it’s a big factor, in fact 58% of workers are at least likely to take a job with lower pay but better benefit options.

“Personal financial issues” was named as the top non work related issue that distracts most employees during work.  Voluntary benefits help employees cope with living expenses; major medical does not cover this.  It’s a fact that medical costs are rising year after year.   There is going to be increasing deductibles and co-pays and employer reduced benefits.  Because of this 88% of employees are wanting voluntary benefits and are willing to pay for it.


Unfortunately costs are on the rise and many employers are taking cost-cutting measures so they can continue to offer benefits.  This means employees are going to pay more out of pocket expense.  Here is a solution to achieve your employees’ financial wellness….

  • Put in place voluntary benefit programs
  • Offer flexibility to enroll throughout the year
  • Schedule off cycle enrollments for voluntary benefits
  • Select voluntary products based on demographics of the work place and need
  • Emphasize financial protection of benefits
  • Establish a relationship with a broker or benefits consultant that can help you educate and implement these voluntary benefit programs


These actions put in place will influence employees’ attitude in a positive manner by…

  • Increasing the attractiveness of employer’s benefit offerings
  • Reduces the costs associated with employee absences
  • Increases employee engagement and productivity at work and helps them focus on their job

The single best thing you can do to ensure you’re not the cause of your employees added misfortune is to evaluate your current benefits package.  That happens to be my specialty, and it would be my pleasure to be your guide in this complicated and often confusing world of benefits.

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