Legal Shield


It’s a type of arrangement in which a participant prepays for legal services that one may require in the future.  This allows a member to talk to an attorney whenever he thinks he might have a problem without the fear of  the cost.

According to a survey conducted by Leo J. Shapiro & Associates, 71% of U.S households reported experiencing  some sort of an event in a 12 month period that needed legal advice.  In fact about 65% to 85% of all problems brought to attorneys through plans, can be resolved through nothing more than legal advice and follow up.  The study also indicated for the consumer, legal services are among the most difficult service to buy these three reasons are:

  • It’s hard to tell a qualified attorney from one that isn’t.
  • There is uncertainty of what exactly the attorney will do for you.
  • Most important not knowing how much the attorney will charge for service.

By putting legal advice as near as the telephone, legal plans enable members to prevent legal questions from becoming legal problems.  So purchasing a prepaid legal plan will alleviate you being that statistic.